Myths and legends have been an integral part of everyone’s childhood; a link to the past on wings of imagination where anything and everything is possible. To connect the young generation to our glorious past, Piyusha Vir, Word Warrior, Angry Woman, Fiercely Feminist (to name a few accolades) met the students of Delhi Public School Greater Faridabad via Instagram, and the result was an incredibly joyous session for everyone involved.

Books en Beyond brought together the writer of ‘Just Another Day’ spoke of her latest release ‘Dashavatar’ and it was such a pleasure to see the session unfold, as the author chatted with bright, intelligent, and young minds about Vishnu and Charles Darwin, often in the same breath! Seeing the children take so much interest in the conversation and ask mind-blowing questions was proof that they had a wonderful time.

The online session was not just a unique experience for the young students but also for the author herself. Ms. PiyushaVir made a concentrated effort to encourage the skills of writing and reading. She shared her journey being a writer which was an inspiration in itself. Through the engaging discussion sessions, participants enhanced their critical thinking skills, self-esteem, and ability to express themselves on a piece of literature that has immense cultural value as well for all young Indians. The dipsites did not want the author to end the session as they wanted to hear more stories about gods & goddesses from a feminist perspective.

The messages posted on the website were tangible proof that one person, one book, one moment can impact us forever.

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