It is rightly said that talent opens doors, but perseverance moves universes. This adage was proved beyond a doubt when Ms Shweta Aggarwal, the founder of Books en Beyond brought to us Ms. Shivani Wazir Pasrich, via the online platform of Instagram.

The session, aptly titled ‘Different Shades of Former Miss India Worldwide’ was a powerhouse of elegance, grace, and charm as Ms Shweta Aggarwal and Shivani Wazir Pasrich, the two gorgeous and phenomenal ladies spoke on a plethora of topics from the evolving definition of beauty today, to traveling, holistic growth, personality grooming, creating a complete package, and the wheel of fortune that transforms a pretty and ambitious girl become the face of India.

Indeed, our guest – a former Miss India Worldwide, host of a travel show, an employee at the Lok Sabha, and a Bollywood veteran – is Destiny’s child. A fluke, a sudden whimsy saw a young girl in a red saree borrowed from her sister fly to New York in two day’s notice. Through glimpses into her chequered past, this diva took the members of Books en Beyond on the journey that witnessed the metamorphosis of a shy girl into an independent and confident lady.

This session was a guide to stepping sensibly into a world of high fashion and holding one’s head up under the spotlight. Opportunity knocks when it well; one’s ears should always be open, as Shivani’s were

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