About Us

The idea behind Books en Beyond is to create a community that strives to broaden its own horizons at every turn, to create a shared purpose and understanding, and to ensure that each activity offered matches the personal goals of each member.

We’re clear about who we’re

The transcendental nature of art, culture and literature has the power to forge, foster and strengthen a community and a nation. They give a universal identity, and signify the ethos of civilisations and nations. With this belief, boooksenbeyond, a non-profit organisation, works towards creating awareness, appreciation and sensitization of the individuals and the community to multiple dimensions of art, culture and literature, be it theatre, drama, music, prose, poetry or our home-grown nukkad natak depicting issues afflicting the society.

Are you a book enthusiast, or an art, musical and theatrical aficionado, or beginning your foray into the world of books, art and culture? Books en Beyond is a haven for artistic, creative and imaginative minds.

We have a plethora of events and activities for you. Our interactive and immersive events, talks, live performances, and sessions with corporates and schools give a glimpse of the artistic, cultural and linguistic milieu of our country. Through these events we aim to promote diversity, widen the horizons and broaden the knowledge of individuals to stimulate their over-all growth, and thereby, strive to create a stronger and a healthier nation. Our events and activities also celebrate and commemorate special days such as World Literacy Day, Azadi ka Amrit Mahotsav.
Join us in our quest to create a nurturing and inclusive world, where individuals can rejuvenate their minds and souls.”

About Humane Foundation

Humane Foundation is a not for profit organization based in Faridabad that uses the power of Art, Culture, Literature & Education to create delightful waves of change across various communities. The foundation utilizes initiatives based on heritage, culture and education as mediums for change. Such creative mediums offer a substantial opportunity to engage and uplift individuals and groups in transformative ways. The carefully curated and crafted programs give communities an opportunity to be a part of something bigger and impactful.

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