What was born in a tiny village called Hambledon, Hampshire in 1739 holds sway over the masses even today. It is said that India breathes cricket. Played between India and any other country, cricket is never just a game. Its war.

Books en Beyond brought home into the living rooms of an audience from across India a magical evening for the aficionados of this gentleman’s game.

Jatin Paranjape has inherited many things from his father: dashing good looks, passionate love for cricket, a keen understanding of how people and sports work, and, for good measure, a sense of humor that entertains others even as it allows him to occasionally laugh at himself. An excellent athlete whose career was nipped short due to an injury soon transformed into a national selector, a sports manager, an entrepreneur, and, finally, the author of ‘Cricket Drona’. This treasure trove of cricketing information was written in collaboration with Anand Vasu, a sports journalist and the winner of four national awards, including the prestigious Ramnath Goenka Excellence in Journalism Award. Anand’s work has appeared in leading publications globally.

Cricket Drona takes us through the life of cricketer Vasoo Paranjape, who left a defining impact on the game, shaping the careers of some of Indian cricket’s greatest figures, from Sunil Gavaskar to Sachin Tendulkar, from Rahul Dravid to Rohit Sharma. This book is a first-hand chronicle of stories, life lessons and game-changing experiences, and little known nuggets that make it a collector’s item. When cricket lovers united in the online platform of Instagram, what followed was a delightful evening devoted to snappy stories, humorous anecdotes, curious questions, and a hugely interactive and engaging session.

Well, all we can say at the end is: IT’S A HIT!!!

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