‘Sometimes change will not be given to you; you must ask for it.’ This adage has a new add on. ‘To bring about change, you must want it, want to fight for it’.

This is what Sh Anil Swarup, Retired IAS officer believes in. In an enlightening session with Ms Shweta Aggarwal from Books en Beyond, the man of the moment spoke at length  about his new book ‘Ethical Dilemmas of A Civil Servant’. What began as an authorspeak soon turned out to be a thought provoking session where the audience found multiple pointers and life goals for their personal, professional and social lives.

A strategic thinker, an innovative leader and an invigorating speaker, Mr Swarup enlivened the session with his charisma. Age has not diminished his fervor, and time has not dulled his senses. The desire to work for the betterment of the nation shines through his every word and gesture. His philosophy of life is: ‘Wherever you are whatever you are, do your best whatever you are doing, even the smallest task; be selfish, forget worrying about the nation, the world-these would take care of themselves.’ Sh Anil Swarup is a man on a mission, to MAKE IT HAPPEN.

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