Neelima Dalmia Aadhaar, author of The Secret Diary Of Kasturba, spoke about her passion of writing and her life journey at the inaugural session of Kalam Faridabad.

Her writings have earned her the tag of one of India’s most fearless authors when she wrote her first book Father DearestThe Life and Times of RK Dalmia in 2003. This flyaway success scaled the bestseller list and she was labelled a dare devil who had exposed some fiercely guarded secrets. She discussed her latest book, The Secret Diary of Kasturba in conversation with Shweta Aggarwal, this dare devil writer spoke about the book and the role of Kasturba in Mahatma Gandhi‘s life. She brought to life the real Kasturba Gandhi, speaking about all that Gandhi‘s wife had to suffer living in the shadows of a ‘hero’.

Achieving the near impossible, the author has portrayed the pain experienced by Kasturba throughout her life without questioning Mahatma Gandhi‘s image. Neelima believes Gandhi would not have been Mahatma if Kasturba wasn’t there, and having interacted with Neelima Dalmia Aadhaar, the audience was of the same opinion.

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