What happens when a veteran journalist turns to crime fiction? Well, he brings to the world of literature a refreshing perspective that is rich with personal experiences. A journalist with over 30 years of experience with the biggest media houses of India must have seen the best as well as the worst of humanity.

In an author interaction hosted by Books en Beyond Sanjeev Paliwal, journalist extraordinaire and currently the Executive Editor of Aaj Tak interacted with Ms. Shilpa Arora, a lawyer by profession and cafe owner by passion. The author shared his struggle to land a job and how he once spent three months walking the roads of Faridabad in search of a job but had to return empty-handed. The members were in for a treat when the guest speaker took them on his life’s journey with anecdotes from his profession along with the muse that made him choose crime fiction as his next foray. Sanjeev Paliwal’s debut novel ‘Naina’.

The writer offered a teaser into the book that has been years in the making and has been written purely for entertainment. The story revolves around the protagonist Naina, a famous news anchor and media person, and is a perfect blend of Paliwal‘s personal experiences, emotions, and realities of the media’s world.

For the veteran journalist, it must have been interesting to be on the opposite side of the camera! The man with the questions was the one answering them today! We must say that this transition is literature’s gain.

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