In one of our most well loved author interactions about UndauntedBhaavna Arora, the young , sparkling author of three best sellers enthralled the audience with her latest book. This book is a tribute to Lieutenant Ummer Fayaz, who was on the hit list of the Indian Mujahidin and was brutally murdered by the terrorist organization.

The audience was able to perceive the effort that Bhaavna had undertaken to render an authentic account of Kashmir and the lives of the Army men deployed in this strife-torn region. Undaunted is a prayer for young Kashmiris to introspect about who their real heroes should be.

In a thought-provoking tete-a-tete with Shweta Aggarwal, Bhaavna said “Army is something that is looked upon in Kashmir. So, basically the exposure you get in childhood is the one you choose to grow up with. It’s either terrorism or army”.

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