Most of us know Shiv Aroor as an editor and anchor at India Today’s TV channel. He is a defence and military enthusiast who has reported on national security for over a decade. Books en Beyond was proud to host him and chat with him about his latest books, military heroism, journalism, and the emotions of a soldier.

He says that in our country, we either ignore our soldiers completely or make them out as ‘super-heroes’. We don’t treat them as normal human beings with emotions and vulnerabilities.

He also puts forth his views on gender equality in the armed forces. He counters those who say that this is a tough job and women don’t fit in here by saying that very soon we shall have women in the armed forces, provided they meet the physical and physiological demands that the job entails. Aroor also spoke at length about what, in his opinion, patriotism for journalists is.

In today’s age of social media, patriotism is a contentious word. To him, it is the ability and the strength to speak the truth and to acknowledge it, however difficult the situation is. The journalists must look at the long term benefits of what they are expressing, rather than looking at the short term advantages. As a media personality, it is upon the correspondent to present the important news in such a way that it grabs the desired attention. It is not only about TRP and hype, but also about increasing awareness and public consciousness by making the decision to highlight the bigger news.

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