Shwetambari Shetty wears many hats: athlete, celebrity fitness expert, Zumba trainer, sports enthusiast, banker… and our celebrity author of the bestselling-fiction book “Get Moving!” In a candid conversation with Books enBeyond, the author spoke of her life and the journey that led up to this moment, connecting with her fans ad conversing with Ms. Shweta Aggarwal.

Get Moving! is staunchly for beginners. It is a foray into di8erent aspects of fitness, which includes 15-minute daily workouts revolving around strength, mobility, flexibility, and so on. Separate chapters introduce how to work on cardio, muscle gain, and the right nutrition needed for each. “The book was to help people start being more active, given how sedentary our lives have become,” says Shwetambari, and emphasizes that the drive or passion to achieve fitness need not necessarily come from a dedicated gym membership, but just by a concentrated e8ort to increase your activity levels even while going about your daily work.

Shwetambari’s passion for health comes through with shining clarity as she spoke of the myriad reasons people either avoid them or don’t take health issues seriously. For those who seek to live a healthier life, and lose weight, she reiterated the importance of planning one’s meals in advance.

She suggested planning 1 week in advance so that you are able to incorporate the right amount of nutrients in your diet. She urged the audience to understand what their body is trying to convey. Simply put, after consuming a meal, the body’s reactions are a clear giveaway as to how that particular food reacts vis-à-vis one’s metabolism. She made the planning, projecting, and implementing her pointers seem as easy as ABC.

Indeed, hearing her speak of the ease with which she imparted her knowledge and expertise, the audience was clearly ready to embark on the road to a healthier version of themselves

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