Books en Beyond surpassed itself when it brought Top Cop Neeraj Kumar into the living rooms of its members via Instagram live session. What followed was beyond compare, right from the introduction to the QnA session, where the audience asked intricate questions, beautifully answered by the wily author. Many of Neeraj Kumar’s stories have inspired movies and web series. When the lawman-turned-author was lauded for his successful makeover, what came through was the angst of a writer when his work, his role, or even his character is altered beyond acceptable standards, all in the name of artistic license.

Well, to unravel the threads woven together to cretae a path breaking psychologist as also a feted poet and lyricist, Books en Beyond hosted an online session with Psychologist-cum-poet Ameeta Parsuram, the person that has touched thousands of hearts with her empathy, sensitivity, verses and wit. This session was infinitely charming with the ever gracious Shweta Aggarwal in conversation with the poet including an audience that was connected to each other from the first moment. The journey that began in grade6 or 7 with a series of coincidences that gave birth to a poet with an innate sense of empathy was further nurtured by a father who urged the poet to ‘follow her dreams;’. In her incredible journey that led everyone to this moment, this online meeting, this interaction once more proved the power of fate.

Ms Parsuram the poet was in full form, orating couplets and shayaris with her warmly textured voice, leaving the audience craving more of the same. We met a soul that refuses to be chained or suppressed; one who wants to remain unfettered and unbound. Just as day follows night, ‘Meeta’ talks of the myriad facets of womanhood, from the lilting and happy to the mature and experienced. She is the voice of the mute, those who suffer but cannot express. Her lines speak of indepth feelings richly flavoured her personal and personal experiences.

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