From challenges have come out solutions; from difficult times we have seen the rise of heroes. And these heroes, these challengers rose when others failed. Life threw in one such challenge in the form of the pandemic brought about by COVID 19 and its resultant deaths and global chaos. Economies failed, businesses collapsed, education faltered. The worldwide pandemic of 2020 came up with immeasurable fear, pain, chaos, and disruption. The impact was visible on each and every individual’s life. Everyone was rowing in the same boat, on the same seas, with similar limitations and hurdles.

But where there’s darkness, there’s also light. Problems bring in their wake solutions. And despair transforms into hope. When schools closed and classrooms became unreachable, the educators got connected with students online. Books became Macbooks, classrooms became Zooms and the chalk transformed into the stylus. But education continued.

Education has changed drastically from changing the mode of learning. While many felt that unplanned and rapid move to online learning might result in a poor experience yet there were many who believed in the educator’s capacity to deliver the best of lessons on the new portal. The faith of parents and guidance of visionaries showed a new path of teaching and learning.

At a short moment’s notice, the classroom practitioners were trained rigorously on using the online platform for an effective teaching-learning process. This rapid transition to online learning has led to multiplication of teachers’ strategies for assessments along with teaching-learning aids. Teachers made sure that the students’ mental wellbeing was well catered to. They focussed on student’s emotional wellbeing by being in constant connection with them.

With a new zeal and enthusiasm teachers started to deliver content online, keeping in mind the interests of their students. There were various positive reinforcements designed for students to raise their self-esteem at all costs. E-badges and e-certificates were given to boost their enthusiasm. This successful transformation from offline to online mode of education resulted in pleasant outcomes in the areas of student-teacher leadership as well as technology amalgamation.

With determination and dedication towards the holy field of education and nurturing young souls, the collaborative efforts of educators, parents, and students made online learning a success. This has resulted in a positive association as well as a strong connection between teachers and students.

The greatest achievement has been the acknowledgment of mental health as an important area of focus as well as concern. Throughout the world, educators and parents regarded the perspective of happiness being the highest form of health and, consequently, contributed to healthy mental wellbeing of the students. COVID 19 is undoubtedly the teacher of the year, having taught us all lessons we shall never forget.


-By  Ritu Jain 
Delhi Public School, Greater Faridabad 

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