Artistic expression opens the heart to new learning for many, allowing them to gain control over strong feelings, and letting them transform emotions into new and creative energies.

To enhance the creative and expressive links, Books en Beyond undertook a mammoth task of introducing an array of art activities to children and adults. This 8-day long Kala Festival in the summer of 2019 was unique in the sense that it offered the participants new skills that have never been brought together under one program. From June 5 to 14, 2019, our budding art lovers tried their hands-on mixed media, spatula painting, papercraft, sculpting, decoupage, lippon art, pour painting, Sanjhi art, and coffee painting. And let us tell you, the end results were phenomenal!

Books en Beyond was home to paeans of laughter and cheers of exultation as the magic unfolded in front of young eyes and the magical world of colors. Indeed, we are proud to announce with a bold voice that this festival is the birth of many an artiste who are sure to carve out a niche for themselves and become a force to reckon with. Another feather in that cap for those who believe in the world of books and beyond the pages!

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