To build up business acumen and hone business and managerial skills, Books en Beyond organized two business talks with India’s only Focus Mastery Coach Gaurav Arora and globally acclaimed Strategic Networking expert, Paritosh Pathak.

Arpit Arora:
With the intention to offer practical strategies and tools to work on the execution speed of Business owners and work on their Growth Consistency model of working, Gaurav Arora conducted a three-hour session on sure shot tips on how to capture the empowering habits of ridiculously successful business owners and install the same in one’s daily routine and identifying the mental and emotional blocks that sabotage growth and tips on how to break them, while triggering one’s personal growth index. His personal growth index reads like fiction, where a college dropout effortlessly has business leaders in their chosen fields listening to him and learning from an innately skilled master of the game.

Paritosh Pathak:
Networking is a crucial skill for all professionals and business owners. It is a fast and effective way to build your business or career. Effective networking skills will set you apart from the competition. The globally acclaimed Strategic Networking expert Paritosh Pathak helped our working professionals and entrepreneurs to create, cultivate and capitalize on networking relationships and opportunities. He suggested ways to develop new business contacts, Strengthen client relationships, get 10X client referrals, and grow your business globally.

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