Books en Beyond have always set their goals high and achieved them effortlessly. It hosts a wide variety of literary and cultural events that are open to the masses and the classes throughout the year. With the onset of COVID 19, the shift to online platforms such as Zoom, Instagram, etc., was seamless and equally enriching as its physical interactions used to be. This club caters to the kids, the adults as well as the young at heart generation that finally has the time to nurture its passions. But what of the young adults? The generation that has just shed its childishness but is yet to embrace the world of responsible adulthood?

Well, the next level here is the ‘Beyonders Forum’, a safe place for Gen Zee to enfold their purpose and unfold their passion. It is a community where like-minded people can come together and try their hands-on activities which bring happiness and positivity. The vision is to create value and bring the spirit of literature and culture to Faridabad that could meaningfully engage people, outside their SMEs and Universities while having fun. Knowing that there is a paucity of entertaining activities for the millennial generation, Beyonders Forum has come up with a plethora of activities that will help you get a chance to make new friends and socialize with others outside work, to escape the humdrum of daily life and rejuvenate our inner chakras.

Holi symbolizes the beginning of seasons and what better moment to inaugurate a novel venture than the Holi Bash, organized for the talented and socially interactive next generation? The inauguration of Beyonder’s Forum was replete with playing Holi with sandalwood paste and flowers, consuming gujiiyas and thandia, and soaking in the atmosphere of zest and fervor. The talented and like-minded group brought together melodious singing, excellent strumming of the guitar, graceful dancing, the elegant cadence of poetry recitation, the clicks of the shutterbugs as the photographers in the making captured every moment – organized completely by and for the millennials.

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