A decade is enough to grow up, get a job, choose a life partner, produce another generation…….or a decade is long enough to make a difference to countless lives through pen and ink. Sudeep Nagarkar does that and more. A debut author wrote his first book in 2011, and in the 10 years since, he has been prolific in the extreme.

Lauded with recognitions such as the Youth Achiever’s Award 2013, being the highest selling Indian writers in the romance genre, this dynamic and engaging personality was in a tete-a-tete with Ms Shweta Aggarwal, founder of Books and Beyond, in Instagram, offering a treat to the audience.

Having redefined literature, publishing and the art of penmanship, what keeps the writer from settling into ennui? Well, Sudeep is as enthused with his 13thbook as he was with his first. One who thrives on the love and warmth from his readers, this writer offers a package deal on relationships – his novels always transcend beyond the romance into all other facets of relationships. And that is what makes him the adored darling of the versatile Indian reader. A teenager who used to struggle and hate with 250-word essays for his school assignments has morphed into a persona who pours out 60,000-word stories with ease, bit still struggles with the 250-word blurb, or promo at the back of his novel!

A love guru who shirks giving out advice, Sudeep Nagarkar is an intricate amalgam of an everyday man with his head above the clouds and one who a down to earth mega celebrity. The Books en Beyond audience was in for a treat with this fabulous session, indeed!

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