A few years back, in a room full of hundred people I asked a simple question – How many of you read? To my surprise, barely forty percent of the people raised their hands. I tried explaining that by reading I didn’t only mean reading novels but also reading newspapers and magazines. Still, the number of hands went up by five percent only.

Every time I reflect on this incident, it makes me wonder how different my life would be without books. I keep thinking about reasons why people stay away from this adventure because for me it is nothing less than a paradise.

Reading books requires an ample amount of focus and concentration. For some people, it can be time-consuming as well. In today’s world of social media, sticking to the habit of reading books looks like an impossible task, isn’t it?

For those who want to read and develop it as a habit but fail due to various reasons like excessive use of social media, losing interest after a while, not being able to finish the book, and so on, this blog is a MUST READ as I will suggest five simple ways which will make you fall in love with reading.

Explore the reading community 

We often wonder ‘what to buy’ or ‘which book to read next’. In my opinion, subscribing to newsletters, reading blogs, following bookish people who post regular book reviews can be a great place to start with. Today, social media gives readers and non-readers a huge platform to interact and share their opinions. It inspires non-readers and beginners to read more. Moreover, the professional suggestions for different genres act as a great help for people who cannot decide what to read and keep jumping from one book to another which ultimately makes them lose their interest.

Give websites like GoodreadsLibraryThing, and Amazon a try as they provide users with way more than book recommendations. They give you a platform to share your opinions with like-minded people and recommend you books based on what you have read already and what your friends are reading.

The book should interest you

Today, the world of books is growing at a great speed. There are books on psychology, self-development, science, fantasy, finance, and so on. Read what makes you happy. You can just look for things that initially interest you, and if you don’t like them, you can just move on to the next one. What is the big deal?

People spend their entire lives researching and developing things which you can exploit in just a few days by reading books. You can find your real-life mentors in books. You can learn from the smartest minds throughout history. Read their biographies, and learn about their lives. Learn from their challenges and achievements and if you want to follow their footsteps, emulate the process.

Don’t think twice before dropping a book which makes reading a burden for you.

Set a Goal and fix a time

As a beginner, setting a goal is much more complex but a MUST. For instance, if one sets a goal of reading just one chapter every day, it becomes a habit. Slowly, you increase the number of pages per day. Set smart & attainable goals as you will get a sense of satisfaction after completing those. Unrealistic goals will only lead to disappointment.

It is also essential to set a suitable time for reading. As it is a new activity in your schedule, reading can be neglected at times. To avoid such a situation, set a specific time to read and try to follow it. For example, read a page before going to bed or when you wake up.

Make it enjoyable

Everyone has their one favorite place, where they feel comfortable and at peace. Read there as the cozy and safe environment will improve your concentration which will further enhance your reading experience in the beginning. You can also keep your favorite snack/beverage with you. Who does not enjoy a good view, a hot cup of coffee, and a good book?!

Keep a journal 

Recording your reading journey can help you in a lot of ways. A reading journal is a place where you let your mind wander and create new things. Jotting down random thoughts, quotes you love, a useful concept, potential links between texts act as a helpful tool to become a more engaged reader. It will also let you keep your reading goals on track.

Follow these 5 steps and notice yourself loving the world of books as much as I do. Books will become your best friends. If you’re not a reader, I challenge you to take reading as a short-term goal and let me know if you agree with me?

– By Garima Karnani

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