Covid 19 has hit us in the worst possible manner. We all are struggling physically and emotionally. From staying in isolation to losing our loved ones, the pandemic has tested us in every way. We all are going through different battles and adopting unique ways to stay positive and maintain our calm during these testing times.

Some people are keeping themselves busy by working 24/7 while others decided to take out time to pursue their long-lost hobbies. Similarly, I became an avid reader and decided to be productive during the lockdown by reading more and more. Books became my best friends and helped me deal with my emotional battles. I always liked reading but never got enough time to read regularly. Thanks to the pandemic, books became a part of my routine and the perfect escape from the harsh reality of Covid 19.

A lot of books inspired me but the book that got my attention was ‘Who will Cry When You Die’ By Robin Sharma. Robin Sharma is a Canadian writer & a motivational speaker who is best known for ‘The Monk who sold his Ferrari’ series. ‘Who will cry when you die’ is his third book which was published in 1999. It deals with 101 chapters and each chapter has two to three pages. I wish I had known about this book earlier. To help my readers avoid the mistake I made, I would love to share five lessons from the book which inspired me so that you are motivated to pick the book right away!

Live your life

The author mentions – “You don’t act on life, life has a habit of acting on you”. He tells his readers to live every single day with optimism and positive vibes. Instead of feeling sad about things you can’t have or lost over a while, learn to accept the loss and move on. Focus on things that we have can control and are good at. Moreover, he tells his readers to make people around us happy by adding value to their lives. He concludes the first chapter by motivating his readers to live a happy and content life and adds a quote by Gandhi – “Be the change that you wish to see in the world.”

Your sufferings are your blessings

There was a time in my life when I had lost the two most important people in my life which took me by shock and I suffered both mentally and emotionally from this trauma for three years. That’s when this book came as a blessing in disguise. The 101 chapters taught me to accept the pain and learn from my sufferings. The author emphasizes the fact that pain is a blessing as it makes you stronger and reminds you that nothing can break you.

In chapter 31, he gives his readers a small suggestion to deal with anxiety and pain. He tells them to list down all their worries on a piece of paper. This way, your mind will be free and decluttered. You will be able to focus on your problems in a well-defined manner by prioritizing them.

Stop getting angry

I was someone who would get annoyed and angry when something troubled me. Getting my anger in control was a difficult task. Again, the book came to my rescue as the author focuses on staying silent. So, I tried to analyze my mistakes instead of bursting out on others when something went wrong in my life. Moreover, I started writing and my journal became my best friend. Avoiding unwanted issues and choosing silence became my go-to move. After all, only a good listener can be a good speaker, right?

Preach forgiveness

It is human nature to hold grudges against people who hurt us and I was no different. This book taught me to practice forgiveness. The author says- “Forgiving someone who has wronged you is a selfish act rather than a selfless one. Letting go of the hostility and hatred that you may have allowed to bottle up inside you is something you do for yourself rather than for the benefit of the other person.”

After reading this wonderful book, making other people smile makes my heart melt and brings a smile to my face. I feel at peace when I help others and appreciate them. It has taught me that the world revolves around love and the real power lies in forgiving others.

Increase your worth

Robin forces his readers to think about why a heart surgeon will get paid more than a Starbucks employee. According to him, it is not about ‘hard work’ but the ‘specialized knowledge’ that the surgeon carries. Over some time, the surgeon has gathered ‘know-how’ and training in his field and as very few people can gain such sophisticated knowledge, he is paid more as he is valued in society. Money gives you the power to add value to this world. If you want to increase your worth, start working on yourself NOW.

I would like to conclude my thoughts by saying that this book is a must-read and I highly recommend it for people who are going through emotional traumas during the ongoing pandemic. Always remember that if you have a book with you, you are never alone as a book allows you to live the lives of so many characters at once. The book characters not only inspire us in mysterious ways but also become our best friends.

– Abhirami Anil

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