“We have the power to change our destiny

The reason we are born is not to suffer but to strive to be happy.”

The above lines have been taken from “12 commandments of being a Woman” which is a book written by Tahira Kashyap Khurrana who is a filmmaker and a writer.

The book deals with the “inspirational” story of Tahira from her teenage years to the present. Here, I mentioned “inspirational” because she is the one who fought with depression and then defeated cancer.

In this book, you will get to know about her teenage craziness, youthfulness, struggles as a Bollywood star’s wife, the happiness of motherhood, and the most important one, her inner self. Every girl can easily relate to the book.

She explains the importance of having your own identity while handling success. It emphasizes that sometimes it is better to let go of things, take a break, and go easy on yourself. Through the book, she makes us realize that often people look good and happy from the outside but they might be suffering from serious mental health issues from the inside. You should never judge a person based on physical appearance or first meeting.

Tahira has also shared her challenges as a mother, her insecurities as a wife because her husband, Ayushman Khurana is a Bollywood actor, who is very popular in India.

The book breaks the myth of ‘being perfect’ and states, “Perfection in everything is not at all important “.

This is a journey of a girl, from an innocent and self-obsessed teenager to an insecure wife and finally transformed into an independent and self-made woman who defeated a fatal disease like cancer very calmly. The book will surely inspire you, help you believe in yourself, make you, and cry.

The language of the book is simple with a mix of humor. It is a must-read for all.

Review by Amisha Pandey

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