“One Arranged Murder” is the latest novel by the national bestselling author Chetan Bhagat. All this time, I perceived him as a romance writer but this book has successfully changed my opinion about him.

The book is a murder mystery that revolves around two friends who work in the IT field and have opened a detective agency (Z detectives) as a side gig. Usually, they solve petty crimes. Life seems mundane for the two until one of them finally meets the love of her life. Their love story started via a matrimonial app. As expected, this changed the equilibrium of their friendship over time and they drift apart.

So, how is it a murder mystery?

Well, the day arrives with all its glory (gloom) when the Z detectives finally get a chance to solve a serious murder case. The question is: Who dies? Who is the culprit? Is it done by one of them?

Throughout the investigation, readers come across various colors of our so-called ‘cultured’ Indian society. The case is wrapped around a family secret that must not be disclosed at any cost to keep the family’s dignity in place. We have a lover who wants to catch the murderer at any cost and to add spice to the story, there are an ambitious business partner and an ex-lover.

The question is: How to be rational while solving a mystery that is personal to you?

Chetan Bhagat has surely surprised his fans by writing an intriguing thriller. I haven’t read “The Girl in Room 105” but now it’s on my list. Have you read his books? Or are you still busy hating India’s bestselling author?

-Review by Tanu Setia

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