In an interactive session with Ms. Jyoti BhallaPrincipal of Manaskriti School, Faridabad, in conversation with the former Delhi Police CommissionerNeeraj Kumar shared glimpses into the life of a crime chaser who writes when he isn’t chasing hardened killers.

In Khaki Files, he revisits many such high profile police cases of his career, from the investigation of one of the biggest lottery frauds in the country to foiled ISI attempt to kill Tarun Tejpal and Anirudh Behal of Tehalka, bringing to light numerous achievements of the country’s police force, otherwise largely reviled and ridiculed.

The audience was hugely entertained to know that Neeraj Kumar plans to write about and for his wife in the near future. Interesting that his dedication to duty is just the same, though the focus is not a criminal but his own lawfully wedded wife!

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