“By not tweeting you’re tweeting. You’re sending a message.”- Anonymous

Be Social is a book that is unflinchingly clear in conveying its message, “Build the brand you.” With the dawn of radio in the 1920s, people began calling out radio stations because, according to them, children would stop going out to play as they spent most of their time listening to radio broadcasts. Little did they know that radio was just the tip of the iceberg, that social media as an industry would become a century later in the early 2000s. The book has a very sensible underlying basis: to sell where there is a crowd. Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and Snapchat now have a vast userbase that represents customers, businesses, and freelancers, and it is crucial to maintain your presence on social media for your personal and professional growth. So, if you haven’t used social media yet, there’s still time.We have a path laid in front of us and here is a bandwagon for you to jump upon, named “Be Social” by Karthik Srinivasan.

If you are looking for the pros and potential of social media, this book is for you because social media does not come with just upside potential, but a downside too. Be Social takes a comprehensive approach to how to build a brand, what to include in your bio, and how to present yourself online in a way that does not contradict your personality.

If we see the current trend on social media, we notice a massive shift in how businesses are conducted, customers targeted, and how advertisements are done. People like Tanmay Bhat have built a brand of their own, and that has been a major factor in helping him scale up his business and net worth. Boat, for example, did not advertise their products in newspapers, but rather on Instagram, YouTube, and Facebook. Cred collaborated with Tanmay Bhat to create a “cool” advertisement. Let’s ponder over a simple question. Why do companies like Smallcase or Cred go to Tanmay Bhat? There are two reasons, according to me. First, he knows the art of advertisement and entertainment and second, he has a strong brand online. Companies know that he has a potential to reach a wider audience with a massive prospect of growth and revenue increment.

As a result, use this book as a guide for everything that needs to be done on social media, from navigating to building a brand you. As social media is destined to evolve much faster than our comprehensive abilities around social media, this book can be an accelerator to keep you in a highly evolving field, and further on, you can build yourself up through the trial and error method. So, open yourself to being discovered and demanded by the world.

By Sudhanshu Suman

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